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WONTON Bhucky Dog costume
WONTON Bhucky Dog costume


WONTON Bhucky Dog costume

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  • Crew neck
  • Inspired by Chucky
  • Chucky wig
  • Flexible Soft-touch fabric
  • Relaxed fit
  • Harness hole
  • Premium handmade
  • Fits just right to your dog

Model (Wonton) is wearing size ONE 

 English Bulldog Sizes
Chest Neck Length 
ONE 28" - 33" 18" - 23" 18"
TWO 34" - 38" 24"-28" 20"
THREE 38" - 42" 28" - 32" 21"

 French Bulldog Sizes
Chest Neck Length 
ONE 24" - 25" 14" - 16" 12"
TWO 25" - 26" 16" - 17" 13"
THREE 26" - 27" 17" - 18" 14"

**The size chart represents the dog's chest, neck, and length measurements, not the dimensions of the outfit.**


We follow our own custom-designed measurements, so we recommend measuring your dog before selecting a size.

To ensure the best fit, please use a tailor's measuring tape to accurately measure your dog's chest, neck, and length.

Take precise measurements at the points indicated in the provided diagram, ensuring that your dog is standing upright while you measure.

→ How to measure your dog 



WONTON Bhucky Dog costume