WONTON Summer Breeze shirt
WONTON Summer Breeze shirt


WONTON Summer Breeze shirt

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  • Point collar
  • Button up
  • Harness hole
  • 100% Cotton
  • Premium handmade
  • Fits just right to your dog


Model (HotPot) is wearing size S

How to measure your dog?

We follow our own custom-designed measurements, so we recommend measuring your dog before selecting a size.

    To ensure the best fit, please use a tailor's measuring tape to accurately measure your dog's chest, neck, and length.


For custom sizes, please provide EXACT measurements, as we will tailor the garment based on our calculations for the specific style requirements. Attempting to adjust the measurements on your own may lead to a garment that is either too large or too small. 


WONTON Summer Breeze shirt